Friday, November 28, 2014

A Blog of THANKS

WOAH it's been almost a whole 2 months since my last blog post, THAT IS TERRRRRRRRRIBLE!

I can't help but talk about this month because it has been non-stop action.  This month I've been really focusing on what I need to do to promote myself better so I filmed a few scenes for a reel but I feel like I need more variety to show more of my "range".  With the scenes I shot I feel a little dull.  I need to show more of my "bouncing off the walls" part of me which is how I usually am.

If you want to know how awesome my month has been just look at my instagram:  DonAMacatangay

Here's a little teaser:

As of right now I've been scheming to see what I need to do to have my money last me as long as possible.  I've finally decided to become a Lyft driver and try to work nights as I go on audition or work on set during the day.  Since auditions and working on set aren't a for sure thing Lyft will be a flexible job that will allow me to work whenever I please. MEH, I think it's a good idea.

Every Thanksgiving I usually think of the people that have done acts of random kindness for me.  Something people don't know I do is that I try to keep a list of those acts.  This list goes back to college.

Angie Yang - helped with my run club logo in college
Kevin McPherson - covered 2013 One Love One Beach entry fee
Goat - covered 2012 Beach league
C-Note - Covered 2012 Beach League jersey
Licious - covered 2013 Beach League and jersey
Kate and Matt Shaff - offering help whenever I can to see me succeed
Alex and Eileen - Allowed me to stay at their home as I was homeless for a few months and then let me store my stuff there until I returned.
Tony Hightower - spoke with him on the phone for a while about health insurance and Obama care when I was turning 26.  He was a representative for Obama Care and he went out of his way to help me on the phone that day.
Scott and Julie Hill - Allowed me to stay at their home in Seattle before and after the boat gig
Levi Seif -Allowed me to stay at his home in Seattle before the boat gig
Joanna Whitney, DK, Mandee Mallonee, Kwok, Stephen Guerin - helped me on my resume as I reached out to production companies for work
Adam Leene - random film advice and support
Lindsay McDowell - Helping me with my reel, offered me support and straight up encouragement
Tom Becker - being so willing to act in all the scenes I've asked him for

Parents - don't get me started.

There just has to be more and I'm sorry if I forgot you but HEY, I'm human and I forget to write things down unfortunately.  It's just great to look back and see that people support you.  Doesn't matter how small or big, because just the act alone helps you push forward, and in case you do fall back you'll have someone to catch you on the way down but at the same time not taking those sacrifices for granted.  I'm a lucky guy so I give thanks and hopefully someday I can make it up to these people and let them know that their sacrifices were not in vain.