Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Episode 20: The Long Month Of February

For the past week I've been pretty stressed out financially.  In mid January I got my California health and dental insurance situated and decided to go in for a check up at the dentist the first week of February.  There I found out some disappointing news about a cavity that could possibly lead to a root canal.  The bad part is that my dental insurance would cover none of it, it only covers cleanings and fillings. The good new's is that there's a chance that I won't need a root canal?  You see, I don't really take care of my teeth all that well so I guess I'm lucky that I have a chance at all.  I had to get a deep cleaning (which isn't covered by my insurance either) these past two days and they also let me know that not just one tooth but two may need root canals.  All in all the bill could range from $320 to $3,200.  I've been weighing my options financially and it looks like no matter what, the month of February and March will be heavy in work to pay everything off.  I'm hoping to pop out two fifty+ hour weeks out of Lyft before my next dental appointment where they'll know for sure what procedures I'll need to get. So if I end up not having to to get root canals I'll earn a good amount of money in the process.

It is what it is unfortunately.  What matters most is how I respond.  LETS GO!!!

While driving Lyft I've been passing out my information to director's, producers, actors, or just cool people that are in the business.  I've been writing my information on index cards to pass out so I decided to get business cards printed so I can easily pass out my information while looking more professional.

I've also started talks with friends to start up a new youtube channel.  So if anyone has any friends that want involvement, please let me know!  I'm still brainstorming as to what our "niche" will be and we'll try to get content on a monthly basis focusing on comedy videos. Hopefully starting in April.