Thursday, January 22, 2015

Episode 19:

I've been very productive since the New Year and LeiOut weekend was my "exception".  I quote LeiOut because I didn't work Lyft much that week and focused on making my acting website and finished up my Comedy Acting Reel.  Oh and let's not forget how I couldn't make it to watch finals Sunday because I was a bit indisposed,  let's say I turned up a bit too much during Sunday.

(Here's the link to my website and my Comedy Reel if you haven't seen it yet.)

 I'm also still 22 runs for 22 days since the new year.  Today I ran in Hermosa Beach so I could take advantage of their mulch path to take some stress off my knees.  During the beginning of my run I was passed by someone so I took the challenge and tried to stick with him.  To make it short and sweet, he smoked me.  I went with him for about a mile before he ran me into the ground.  I'm proud that I've been so consistent running everyday since it's starting to become a habit but now I have to start picking it up so I can find my rhythm before I pick up the mileage .  

But I'm thinking of doing the Tinkerbell Half just so I have the excuse to dress up as Rufio but that would mean I would have to wait until May 2016... SO MANY DECISIONS TO MAKE!

These past few days I've been really submitting myself to try to get audition's.  Hopefully a few of them pan out.  Now I probably need to start working on my dramatic reel so I can diversify in my submissions and just put more on my website.  If anyone has any suggestions on what my next project should be with acting, let me know. That can range from what video's I should shoot next or to what steps I should take to just be more successful with acting.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Episode 18: New Year, New Job.

2014 I experienced THE lowest and probably some of the highest points of my existence, which makes 2014 the most defining year of my life.  From my experiences I am truly embracing my priorities.  It has been almost 12 days into the new year and I feel that I have been really responsible.  I've ran everyday, been avidly using my climbing gym membership, working Lyft A LOT, and now getting started with my pursuit with acting since I have a "stable job".

I'm ready to make things happen in 2015! And here's 2014 in pictures!

The morning of New Year's Eve, the day following my return to Los Angeles, I had my appointment with the DMV to register my car to California.  The Monday previous I decided on Geico for car insurance so that left with just registering my car. As unlikely as it appeared, my goal for that day was to get my car registered and be able to drive for Lyft that night.  By 1pm I got that all done and messaged Lyft with my updated information, so it all depended on when Lyft could get that done.  A part of me was hoping they wouldn't because I was a little nervous.  But around 5pm I was approved and I decided to start work at 9pm for New Years Eve.

To the right is the list of the distances of each ride I had that night.  I won't lie, the first ride I was pretty paranoid. After that it was as if that's all I wanted to do.  I started playing scenarios in my mind as to where the best places to go at certain times.  There were a lot of different characters but to my greatest surprise was that no one seemed to be ass holes.  I ended up working a little later then I initially intended but I got into bed by 4am and actually woke up the next morning to work again.  Since I've begun with Lyft I have had almost a grand total of 80 separate rides.

My only worry with Lyft is the wear and tear on my car so I've started to wait for notifications from my apartment instead of driving around wasting gas and putting miles on my car.  If a ride takes me to a place that isn't close to my apartment then I'll find a spot to park and read a book.  If the location isn't busy I'll drive to a location where I think it will be.  If I'm close enough to my apartment then I'll go home to wait for the next notification.

I've realized this job has an expiration date so I really have to be on my game as I'm not working.  My goal by the end of the year is to be able to support myself financially through acting.  That, is an over optimistic goal from someone that has gotten less than 5 paid acting gig's in the past 3 years.  I'm really hoping that this demo reel really starts casting me into roles.  I know it's a long shot but I believe I can do it.  LET'S GO!

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