Monday, August 18, 2014


The first two weeks back from camp have been going a bit too well.  My future roommates and I decided on August 6th on what apartment we wanted.  August 8th we passed the credit check and  August 14th we submitted our signed lease. We all start moving in August 31st.

The moment when my roommates seemed set on the apartment, August 6th, I decided to start looking for a full-time job.  On the way to brunch I found myself in the middle of a movie set so I decide to talk up a production assistant to see how he likes his job, how much he get's paid, how does he start off and a bunch of other questions.  Finally I tell him, "Hey man, I should probably get going, I don't want to get you in trouble" and then he say's, "Oh yea, but you should definitely apply and make sure to drop my name.  My dad is sort of the boss."  The moment I get home I immediately look up the company and compare his name with the presidents, so it seemed like it checks out.  I finally submitted my resume on August 14th after having a few friends take a look at my resume (Thank you Joanna and Stephen!).  I'm also still researching and looking up companies. Below you can check out my resume and let me know what you think.  (I took out my address, phone number, and e-mail under my name.  I also took out my references as well for their privacy and my own)

What's also been on my mind is the passing of Robin Williams and why it's affecting me.  Most of the time when celebrities pass I always think, "that's too bad" but there is no real reason for me to mourn them.  I didn't know them personally so why should I?  Even though that fact stayed true with Robin Williams, he had something more.  From when I was little Robin Williams was in all my favorite movies and his demeanor projected the fact that he knew people and especially children. He wasn't afraid to do what was necessary to make people smile.  Maybe that's why I have no shame acting like a goof ball.

Growing up at family parties you would always find me shy in the corner with my brother doing nothing.  When I was in high school I started to notice the same thing occur at our family parties but with other kids.  I would always take it upon myself to play with all the kids and get them acquainted and then get on with greeting guests.  You could say I liked to get the ball rolling so everyone would have a great time.  I bring that same enthusiasm when I work at the Art Zone.

Another thing that struck me about Robin Williams is something I learned from acting classes.  What helps me get into "character" is using instances out of my own life and choosing someone that I know to "speak the lines to".  If you look back at some of the heart felt speeches Robin has spoken, they seem so real.  Since he was dealing with depression I can't help but think that it helped him get into character.  I just can't get over the fact that someone who makes so many people happy could be that depressed and it hurts to know that.  Once again I don't know Mr. Williams personally so I don't know what he was going through, I only know what the media tells me.  I wish I could have met him myself.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Back in LALA

This blog I'm going to let the pictures do most of the talking and after this week I'll be back to  my consistent 1 blog a week!

July 7th I started my drive back to Los Angeles and made my return to Denver, CO. I end up crashing at my friend Dennis' place.
Nessi made it to 100,000 miles!
The morning of July 8th I drove out to Copper Mountain to meet up with more friends then made my way out to Salt Lake City to stay with my cousin Peter.  I take a detour through the mountains on the 9 to the 40 for a more scenic route.  I had no phone reception on the entire drive so luckily I had no car trouble along the way.
People here are still bitter from the 96-97 and 97-98 seasons... awesome

I end up leaving Salt Lake City on July 11th because I wanted to explore the city more.  I really liked what I saw of Salt Lake City.  I can actually see myself living there.  On the way to LA I take a detour to drive on the 12.  It's supposed to be one of the most scenic drives in the United States. It didn't disappoint.  (Video will come later)

July 11th I arrive back in LA just until Sunday morning.  Saturday July 12th I attend Joanna's Birthday bar crawl scavenger hunt.  It was obviously a good time. The first bar we went to had a refrigerator door as it's front door for crying out loud!

July 13th I return to camp as a counselor for my second year.  The first two weeks were rough.  It was hard getting anything done just because of how long it took to get all the kids' attention. Luckily I took a weekend to play at HatsHopsHucks as a stress reliever. It was a terrific weekend of great ultimate, great food, and great friends.

My 3rd and final week of camp turned out to be the best I've ever had.  This week we also had a group fly in from Japan so it was awesome talking to them about anime and manga.  On top of that all the boy's in my cabin LISTENED! That allowed us to get a lot of activities in.  Take a look at some of the projects we did below and some pictures of the group!

Last years Commercial

You could say this is how I left camp.