Monday, October 5, 2015

Episode 22: The Wedding Blog

A week ago I was a groomsman for my brothers wedding so I think this is a better time then any to have my wedding blog!

WEDDINGS, I LOVE WEDDINGS! I am always extremely honored when I'm invited.  To me they're saying, "we want you to be part of our special day, the day we announce that we are taking on the world, together."  Romantic,  I know.

In the movie 27 Dresses Katherine Heigl's character mentions that her favorite part of a wedding is watching the groom watch the bride walk down the isle and I couldn't agree more.  When watching the groom you really see how they're on a totally different world from the rest of the room.  All attention is literally on the bride at this moment which leaves the groom all alone thinking this is it, this is the moment they've been waiting for and it's finally here.  They're in a place where I cannot fathom but can only imagine.  If you can guess, this is the part of the wedding I sort of lose it.

There are just so many moment's that put you in awe;  The bride walking down the isle, their vows, when they're pronounced husband and wife, their first dance, speeches, and the list goes on.  I've probably teared up during most of those event's, but whose counting?

All of this builds up for the dance floor which really makes weddings flippin' awesome.  You're celebrating the "most special" day of your friends while surrounded by other friends ending the night in a heated dancing mess.  I LOVE HOT MESSES!  When I'm on the wedding dance floor you're just surrounded by people you love.

Congrats to all my friends who have gotten married throughout the years!!!

Craig and Maureen Maulden
Waterworks: Ceremony, Craig watching Maureen walk out.
Relationship: Met Craig at Illinois State University Freshman preview and we lived on the same floor Freshman year of college. Maureen and Craig met during math classes and they studied at our apartment occasionally Junior year.
Location: Ottawa, Illinois
Tie: Skinny Black Tie
Say what?! moment:  Random kids pulled me aside to talk to them to help them with problems they were having at the wedding.

Steve and Lisa Huizenga
Waterworks: Reception, their first dance.
Relationship: I played ultimate frisbee with Steve and we were roommates senior year of College.  I've only known Steve while he was dating Lisa.
Location: Steger, Illinois/ Munster, Indiana
Tie: Gold Plaid Self-Tie Bow Tie
Say what?! moment: Someone stole Eric Reynolds

Ryan and Mariana

Waterworks: Ceremony, reading of the vows.
Relationship: Ultimate frisbee teammates.
Location: Rockford, Illinois
Tie: Star Wars Self Bow-Tie
Say what?! moment: awesome Mariachi Band

Kyle and Mallory
Waterworks: Ceremony, Kyle watching Mallory walk out.
Relationship: Lived on the same floor freshman year, math study buddies, got me hooked on How I Met Your Mother, and the man he got me hooked on boardgames.
Location: Lake Forrest, Illinois
Tie: Black Math Equation Bowtie
Say what?! moment: Fresh off the boat wedding

Elaine and Mark
Waterworks: Ceremony,  my Uncle handing walking down Elaine to the alter.
Relationship: Elaine is my cousin.
Location: Maui, Hawaii
Tie: Pink and Black plaid skinny tie
Say what?! moment:  It was in flippin' Hawaii

Kristen and Doug
Waterworks: Reception: first dance.
Relationship:  College friends, started off of friends of friends.
Location: Wheaton, Illinois
Tie: Declaration of Independence print self bow-tie
Say what?! moment: Bagpipes for days.

Tom and Erin
Waterworks: Ceremony, watching Tom tear up as he watched Erin walk down the isle.
Relationship: Ultimate frisbee teammate.  Long late night talks about Christmas and relationships.
Location: Kenosha, Wisconsin
Tie: Skinny White Tie
Say what?! moment: "Teaching" parents how to whip and nae nae.

Honorable mentions
Karen and Brian
Relationship: Was good friends with Karen in High School and went to school with Brian since grade school.
Reason I Could Not Attend: Funding was tight and I didn't have the money to fly out.

Trevor and Michelle 
Relationship: College ultimate frisbee teammates.
Reason I Could Not Attend: Worked on a damn fishing boat!

James and Becca
Waterworks: Ceremony,  reading of the vows.
Relationship: Brothers
Location: Chicago, IL
Tie: Skinny Black Tie w/Tie Clip (Groomsman)
Say what?! moment:  Cousin's MCing the wedding and getting my cousin's kids to dance for the entire night. DAYUMN those late night sliders were awesome!

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