Monday, October 26, 2015

Episode 23: Finding My Game UCB

I recently just got back into the improv scene, starting my 3rd 401 improv class with the Upright Citizens Brigade.  I believe I have a different outlook then I previously had with past classes.  I've always looked into getting better and learning but with the thought of "passing" or "success" lingering in the back of my mind stunted my growth.  I still care whether or not I "pass" but it's just less of a concern to me but I really used to depend on that mindset.

This reminds me of high school.  We take classes to get good grades and with those good grades we'll hopefully get into a good college instead of going to class to actually learn something.  Now I'm not saying that EVERY class in high school was a waste of time but everyone has had that class where it's just a means to an end.  

Last night after our "mid-term" class show I had a long conversation with classmates on the topic of "success" and astrological signs but as excited as I was to learn more about astrologic signs I'll be focusing on the former.  "Some of us have spent thousands of dollars on taking classes at UCB and have "nothing" to show for it", was said by a classmate of mine.  She is somewhat right but that all depends on your perspective.  I believe I go to class primarily to learn and to collaborate with other people that have the same interests as I.  Getting onto a house team would be a bonus but it's not my main concern.  There is much that I've gained; my stage confidence from my 101 to now has taken leaps, my understanding of whether or not improvisers are playing the game in the scene or just trying to get a quick laugh is transparent to me, and my questions in class are more in depth into the material.  But along with that there are a ton of aspects I know I need work on; I
want higher energy when I'm on stage, I need work justifying, and I need to play more characters on stage.

We have to stop viewing these experiences as "successes" or "failures" but instead as "learning experience". So let's go.

NEXT SHOW: Graduation Show
When: November 22nd 4:30PM
Where: UCB Franklin

Improv 101 UCB

Improv 201 UCB
Improv 401 w/ Jessica Eason

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