Thursday, January 7, 2016

Episode 24: The Focus Awakens

I sit here at O'hare airport reminiscent of my past year.  Comparing my plans from last New Year to  my current reality.  It can simply be put as an “out of luck” kind of year but I do not feel so inclined for simplicity, so you're getting the long version.

This year I pushed hard into acting, submitting for roles daily hoping that something would stick; while I drove for LYFT.  I must have used the wrong adhesive because I got cast for zero productions and can count my auditions with my fingers. 

In May I was "forced" to quit LYFT. My insurance threatened to drop me but it wasn't a big deal.  It was always my plan to eventually get out of LYFT.  I figured if I continued to drive with them I would just have been in the same situation as I would have been before but without a car.  I decided that it was time to start looking for a full-time job, hopefully entertainment based.  I was then graciously given the opportunity by friends to work with a company that created language applications for children, video editing as a private contractor.  It was a lucky break but it only lasted for a month before they decided to not ask for me back.

Light side Is that I got to go on a family vacation:

After my brother's wedding I continued to search for new opportunities and returned to the Upright Citizens Brigade to take classes in October.  I got lost in my “studies” and figured I would apply for the work study program for free classes and networking opportunities.  I then opened up my job search to internships and BuzzFeed happened to be one of them.

BuzzFeed video application:

I contacted as many people as possible that would make sure that my application was given a second thought at BuzzFeed.  I had multiple people look at my application video, including my improv teacher.  She loved the video and unsuspectedly forwarded it to a friend at BuzzFeed.  I fortunately heard back and interviewed with them about 3 weeks ago.  

December 30th hit and I found out that BuzzFeed chose to go with someone else.  It was quite a blow.  But nothing like a Rocky quote to pump you up...

My biggest worry is to be in the situation before my fishing boat job in an endless loop of working, eating and sleeping.  My plan?  Get up.

Now to all my friends and family.  I will always remember that " man is a failure who has friends."  I love you all and let's have a great year!

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